Trash Panda

Trash Panda is a new and rapidly rising band from Atlanta. After several high-energy, high-impact shows and the release of their first EP, “Off” (which quickly accrued over a million plays on Spotify), the band is close to releasing their debut full-length album. Trash Panda ties together psychedelic rock and indie, even soulful sensibilities with nonchalance and a rebellious spirit, sometimes fusing punk and soul in an odd alchemy of ferociousness and stoned malaise. Their show can at one moment be aggressive and wild and at the next calm to hip-shaking spacey groove. At one end of their wide spectrum is their new pop-centric single, “Atlanta Girls,” and at the other, soon-to-be-released “No Control,” which pulls its inspiration predominately from Carl Jung’s Red Book and the late Terrence McKenna’s discussions of chaos dynamics and consciousness. Yet the two sides of this spectrum form a cohesive whole, inclusive of each side of life: its surface and its depths.