Sydney Rhame

“When you hear Sydney Rhame sing, you don’t just hear the song, you feel it intensely. Even at such a young age, she’s already a super star and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her,” – Pharrell Williams, artist, producer, judge of “The Voice”

At 19 years old, award-winning singer-songwriter Sydney Rhame has already spent more than half her life writing songs and performing before more than 250 audiences across the country. She is an accomplished guitarist/pianist and has sold out headlining shows as well as shared the stage with many well-known national touring acts.

A prolific songwriter in the acoustic pop-rock genre, Sydney’s body of work includes more than 200 original songs thus far. All ages – young and old – can relate to her songwriting, and she is never afraid to bare her unique soul to her audiences. Her mature, insightful lyrics coupled with her strong, soulful voice have garnered her much media attention as well as numerous national and regional awards.