NOOSH (Friday 6:30pm)


Who. Chris, or Noosh, is an Atlanta area printmaker who carves amusing and humorous designs out of particle board. In 2011, Chris graduated from Kennesaw State University with a degree in printmaking. Since then, Noosh has been showing his work in galleries, at festivals and on the streets of Atlanta for all to enjoy.

Where. Chris is very involved in the Atlanta art community, working closely with the Atlanta Printmaker’s Studio, where he teaches classes and volunteers his time. You can find him hanging out at any number of other Atlanta area events throughout the year or where he regularly shows: Kibbee Gallery.

What. Chris works primarily as a woodcut artist.

How. Noosh carves his designs out of wood, rolls them up with ink and, with the help of his handy dandy press, transfers the ink from the block onto paper, a t-shirt or anything else he can fit through the press.

Why. Chris loves to draw cats, but, from time to time, he will stumble upon another subject, like robots, turtles or zombies.