Electric Darling

Electric Darling fused together a couple of years ago in the musical climate of Knoxville, Tenn. They’ve been playing shows in their hometown ever since to packed out crowds and recently took the next step in their genesis by releasing a self-titled EP.

Former Dirty Guv’nahs members Cozmo Holloway and Kevin Hyfantis tapped into lead vocalist Yaz to bring a new but somewhat familiar sound to light. The trio share songwriting duties and work together to move Electric Darling forward.

Though it’s hard to peg their style into one genre, it definitely falls somewhere on the indie rock spectrum with a little soul thrown in for good measure. As Yaz’s fierce stage presence engages the crowd, Cozmo’s fiery lead guitar work syncs to the rhythm highlighting Kevin’s years of songwriting experience. One of their main goals, however, is connecting with listeners. With their latest EP, Electric Darling aims to connect in a real way.